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I have been playing guitar for the better part of 50 years – with time off for bad behavior, while I attempted to fulfill every Canadian boy's dream of playing in the NHL. My first guitar was a Stella acoustic which my father gave to my on my eighth birthday. I can still remember dancing around the living room strumming along to the Beatles, looking dead cool with my blonde brush cut.

Stella guitar John Beadle

My next guitar was an electric purchased (along with amplifier and strap) from the Eaton's catalogue. I used it while playing in an Alice Cooper cover band during high school. Just before leaving for university I bought a sunburst Ibanez Les Paul copy. I played it at the campus pub on several occasions. Quite a departure from all the Harry Chapin covers, to be playing Chuck Berry tunes on an electric guitar!

The Sound of Roses Burning music by Stranger Than Fiction featuring Anne Beadle vocals and John Beadle guitar

Throughout most of the 80s and early 90s, I played in a couple of bands with my sister Anne. The first band was Sordid Suits – a seven piece ska outfit. This led to the formation of Stranger than Fiction, a 4 piece roots rock band. We released a CD on Intrepid Records and achieved a modicum of success (as well as airplay) with our single "Rock the Cradle". We also shot a video for the single, for which we were featured on MuchMusic.

John Beadle guitarist for ASIF! and The Truffle Pigs

In 2010, I decided to return to playing and recording. Following several rather interesting auditions, I joined the band ASIF! – a 4 piece rock band featuring slam poet Ian French. We released one cd – the self titled ASIF! – after which we decided to go our separate ways. For the past 3 years I have been playing with the Truffle Pigs – an independent recording project – as well as writing and recording my own instrumental work.

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